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meet the crews


A lot of different teams, made up of youths, adults and volunteers, serve in their own ways to take care of and facilitate the community. 

Events Organisation

This is the team that takes care of the pastoral side of things. They are responsible for leading by example in daily life, weekly meetings and leading packs. They have regular meetings at which they pray and discern for the community to obediently take it to where God needs it to go. They aren't as holy as they sound, but they're a'ight. 

The team from Acts 6:1-7, they're the hands-on bit of the community. They're the guys that keep all the events and meetings running smooth, keeping with the tick tock of good clockwork. Anything you see at a Y4J event has been booked, maintained, organised, conceived, planned and excecuted (excellently), with the utmost care and precision by a member of this team. They're cool like that.


Come rain or shine these guys are at every single meeting hours before everyone else to set up the sound (and sound equipment needed for) that we very much enjoy.  If the basslines are sick, the guitars are crisp, and voices angelic, it's very likely due to the hard effort on their part.


Believe it or not, these guys aren't showpersons. They don't play crazy riffs or drum solos to impress you, they just want to create the musical space through which the community can worship God; and if you know a thing or two about worship, you know how important that is. So these crazy talented people forego showing off the virtuoso-like talent and choose to glorify God instead. We're proud of them. 

Safe House

These guys run and maintain the Safe House - a (safe) place where youths can go and hang out with other youths. It's a place to have fun, play a game, eat, drink, do homework, chat, you name it! A place as great as that needs care and maintenaince so that's what these folks are here for. 


This team runs a meeting every fortnight for youths between the ages of 10 and 12. They're a team that aren't afraid to get in touch with their inner child - what is there not to love about jumping around, playing games and teaching kids all for God's glory?

Website & Social Media

Scrolling through Facebook and WHAM a post from Y4J gleams at you from your computer screen. That's all because of these guys. They're the guys that make sure ou know what's going on. There's more to social media than a bunch of selfies and the work that the members of this team put into our pages is proof of just that. 


Put simply these are the clever folk that make everything look beautiful. They're in charge of posters (in all shapes and forms), branding, fliers and every other little thing that catches your attention as something not too hard on the eyes.

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